Goddess Body

Did someone say goddess makeover? YES PLEASE! Who wouldn’t want to chip away at the marble to reveal the inner goddess of their own creation? Your limits are only the ones you place in your mind. So lets get cracking!

This is where I’m going to track the transformation of my body from ordinary human to pure goddess. I’m kicking it off with a cleanse. To go back to the sculpting metaphor, you’ve got to get the hard work of hammering the large parts of marble you know you won’t need out of the way before you can start carving in the fun pretty little details. The cleanse will do just that!

I’m going to be doing a liver cleanse and a coconut fast. This will get my body prepared for the sculpting phase.

WARNING: This is hard work people! Once you start fasting you cannot immediately break your fast with something sweet that you are craving! You must slowly break the fast responsibly with something that won’t put your body into shock.

X2WARNING: This is not a 10 second weight loss magic potion that the world try’s so desperately to sell. This is my own little long term plan to create my body into the healthy goddess figure I’ve always dreamed of. Yes I said it: LONG TERM. This means that however hard you try and make it happen overnight, it won’t. Similar to almost everything in nature slow growth over time is what gets results. This IS NOT A DIET it’s a LIFE CHANGE. You can feel free to follow me down the goddess path but remember that I’m no health voodoo expert of any kind. I’m an 18 year old girl who is taking control over her body and health in her own way.

Now that we have all that out of the way, we can get into the fun stuff! Goddess body here I come!

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